Saturday, January 31, 2009

City Breathes - City Breeds at 1x1 art gallery

Financial crisis, environmental chaos, genetically modified food and drink - news headlines make for grim reading these days.But they also point to something crucially important - the growing connection between the worlds of nature, mankind and the market.And that’s the focus of the exhibition City Breathes - City Breeds at 1x1 art gallery.
Featuring two artists, Pratul Dash and Rajesh Ram, the exhibition examines life in the metropolis situated amidst an environment in peril. Focused on India’s ecology, the show combines both paintings and sculpture.Organisers say it’s very much an art show but one with a difference - it’s designed as a platform for dialogue concerning the environmental challenges faced by our rapid process of urbanisation. Pratul Dash believes that the most vital role of an artist is to work towards uplifting his society. Born in a rural area of India, Dash grew up enjoying the openness of landscapes untouched by man. New Delhi however, came as a rude awakening to the artist, who spent over a year in the bustling metropolis while pursuing his Master’s degree at the College of Art there. His work reflects his concerns about the environment as well as his own experiences as a man from a simple town, leading a simple life, thrown unprepared into the chaos of urban spaces.
Al Sidra Media LLC
The 1x1 art gallery is in Villa 5, 1023 Al-Wasl Road, Al-Manara, Dubai . The exhibition runs until January 20.


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