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The exhibition LEBENS_RÄUME in Schaan is the first work of Pratul Dash to see who the ecological consequences of deforestation and global warming

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18. February 2010 - 1 April 2010
OPENING THURSDAY, 18 February 2010, 18-20 Clock

SARAH KHAN CONTEMPORARY ART is pleased with the exhibition LEBENS_RÄUME the works of Indian contemporary artist Pratul Dash to be able to present them in their rooms.
Pratul Dash was born in 1974 in Burla, in the state of Orissa in eastern India. He received his bachelor's degree in 1995 at B.K. College of Arts & Crafts in Bhubaneswar before they took him into the Indian capital Delhi, where he three years later, in 1998, his MA from the College of Art in painting attained.
Pratul Dash is a contemporary artist who moved safely in all genres of art, so that his oeuvre sculptures, photographs, video works, performances, as well as exhibits. Preferably, however, he falls back on the genre in which he obtained both his academic degrees, to the painting. In order to make transparent its social criticism and political concerns, select Dash very powerful and intuitive form of presentation of the photo-realism. And this style is also in his nature. It is only through the photo-realism, he says, to find a language that moves him to shake up.
While Pratul Dash particularly in earlier works devoted to social themes with which he drew attention to the exploitation of migrant workers, poverty, human trafficking and the unnatural growth of cities in India to employ him at present environmental issues and their consequences at national level also more generally.
In the exhibition LEBENS_RÄUME in Schaan is the first work of Dash to see who the ecological consequences of deforestation and global warming, with the side effects of the degradation of landscapes and the drying up of water on it and for its illustration of both a micro and a macro-level dials: a micro level, the rise and fall on the basis of human decay shows and Marko level, as Dash points out, the video work LANDSCAPE, demonstrates how an idyllic landscape of a desert, a veritable graveyard is that the political metaphor of conversion to peace mutated into war. In addition, however, Pratul Dash LANDSCAPE video work is biographical in their ways, because not only are there very personal elements found their way, but she is 12 years after his graduation from the College of Art in New Delhi as the quintessence of his work to understand:
The inconspicuous horn players around, who sees the looming storm clouds and thus predicting the change from an idyll into the devastation, is a figure that accompanied the Pratul Dash during his childhood in the form of that Brahmin priest who blew every morning in Burla his horn to Start the day with ordinations. And just as the camera for Dash, as portrayed in the video, his most important work is the medium with which he captures his subjects and their complexity, the dip of Pratul realized in his video colors, its green, blue, pink color back in his paintings are on as well as the numerous migratory birds through the picture an inevitable part of Pratul oeuvre. But the lasting impression of the poster Acrylbilder Dash comes from his past. It dates from the time when Dash after his studies at the B.K College of Arts & Crafts in Bhubaneswar with the production of posters money.
The scholarship, was awarded the prestigious Pratul Dash 2004 by the Italian UNIDEE_Stiftung, which was created in 1998 by the Arte Povera artist Michelangelo Pistoletto launched, has given him a new one, a critical approach to art allows. This is reflected also 6 years after that settled in his work. How does the dash shown in the exhibition LEBENS_RÄUME work a balancing act between East and West, for example, in the shrill, bright shades of red oriental hand, found in a dignified, cold blues and greens of the West, the other expression.


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